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Indoor Air & Environmental Quality Testing

EPA has acknowledged that air in our homes and businesses may be several times more polluted than outdoor air. Reports have shown that 1 in 6 suffer from allergies due to fungi and or bacteria in the air they breathe.

Although fungal (mold) spores are ubiquitous in nature and the indoor environment, fungal growth indoors is not necessarily common unless the environment is damp and wet. Fungi require the availability of a number of important parameters such as moisture, temperature and nutrients for their growth indoors. They can readily grow on building materials, furniture, and any building materials experiencing water damage or intrusion. Cellulose based materials are the primary available nutrient to fungal growth. The primary limiting factor is the amount of free water in the substrate.

Although indoor contaminants have the potential to cause allergies and other health related problems, health effects from exposure are individual specific therefore consultation with a doctor is the only way to determine whether a person would be susceptible.

We currently provide Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant services for both homes and commercial properties.

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